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1.1 - Please select size & color of the product. If no size or color is available you may proceed to click button.

1.2 - Please be aware that some products may have different pricing for different SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). For example, different price may be applicable for different size of the same product or different color of the same product. This is usually highlighted with a price range when you see the product first!

2.1 - Please double check your size/color selection and the price that is being charged. If you have any special instruction for our purchase team, you may include it in the Remarks section.

2.2 - Once you are sure, please click the . Your item will be added to the shopping cart.

2.3 - If you want to add another size/color of this product please click and then you can choose another size/color and repeat the steps above to add another size/color.

2.4 - If you want to see your shopping cart you can click and you will be re-directed to your shopping cart.

3.1 - The shopping cart displays the products that you have choosen to purchase. You can remove any products from your shopping cart if you do not want to purchase them by clicking the (x) button.

3.1 - After you review all the charges such as Admin Fee and Shipping Fee you can click Checkout and you will be redirected to "Checkout Page".

4.1 - We are almost there! Now we need your detailed information so that we can process your order. This includes your Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Delivery Address. We promise not to SPAM you

4.2 - After completing the Login / Registration you can proceed to complete Step 2 - Delivery Information.

4.3 - We need Name, Phone Number and Complete Delivery Address for the delivery purpose. If you are going to use this delivery address frequently in future you can click the Save this address in my Address Book for future use checkbox.

4.4 - After filling up all the fields you can continue to the Step 3 - Confirm Order.

4.5 - Once you click your order will be created and you will be taken to the Thank You Page!

5.1 - Once you are taken to your Order Details Page you can see the options to make payment.

5.2 - If you have enough money in your E-Wallet (contact our customer support for more details) for the Order, you will be able to pay for the order directly by clicking Yes, Pay via my E-Wallet

5.3 - If you have a Voucher Code, you can redeem it by clicking the button.

5.4 - If you want to cancel this order, you can click the button.

5.5 - If you want to print invoice for this order you can click button and you will be presented with a print friendly invoice page.

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